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The Covenants are a set of four legal documents created by the HOA.  They consist of the (1) Plat, or layout of the neighborhood, the (2) Covenants and Declarations, a (3) Code of Regulations, and (4) Architectural Standards for builders and owners. 


Amendments to the Plat and Declarations can be suggested and are voted on during the annual neighborhood meeting via in-person vote and/or written proxy vote.  Modifications to the Code of Regulations require a 66% affirmative vote.  Architectural Standards may be modified by the Board.  

If you have a suggestion, question, or want to suggest a change, please submit your thoughts here for review by the HOA. 

Site Title

Declarations and Covenants

Code of Regulations

Architectural Standards

Click to download the Declarations and Covenants, and the embedded Code of Regulations, and the HOA Architectural Standards, and as amended 15 March 2020 (filed 22 May 2020).

The Standards were amended by the Board on 30 October 2017, codifying design decisions already made to-date during the development of the neighborhood.

Plat Map

Centerville, Ohio 45458

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